Biología Molecular - Tecnología de purificación de ácidos nucleicos y proteínas - Purificación de ADN y ácidos nucleico viral. Automatizable por QIACUBE

Kits Purificacion (QIAcube / Manual) Tipo Muestra Analito

Purificación de ADN y ácidos nucleico viral

DNeasy Plant Mini Kit  plant cells and tissues, or fungi  DNA
DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit  animal blood and tissues and from cells, yeast, bacteria, or viruses DNA
QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit  Fresh and frozen whole blood or buffy coat; Plasma or serum; Bone marrow; Lymphocytes; Platelets; Body fluids genomic, mitochondrial, or viral DNA
QIAamp DNA Blood Mini QIAcube Kit  human whole blood; Swabs and buccal cells mitochondrial, genomic, viral DNA 
QIAamp DNA FFPE Tissue Kit  FFPE Tissue (Cortes de muestras FFPE) genomic DNA 
QIAamp DNA Micro Kit  Small samples: small amounts of fresh or frozen blood, tissue (laster microdissections), and dried blood spots, Urine genomic and mitochondrial DNA 
QIAamp DNA Mini Kit  human tissue samples (muscle, liver, heart, brain, bone marrow, and other tissues, swabs (buccal, eye, nasal, pharyngeal), CSF, blood, body fluids, and washed cells from urine genomic, mitoch., bacterial, parasite, or viral DNA 
QIAamp DNA Mini QIAcube Kit  tissues, swabs, CSF, blood, body fluids, or washed cells from urine.  genomic, mitochon, bacterial, parasite, viral DNA 
QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Mini Kit  fresh or frozen stool samples gDNA
QIAamp MinElute Media Kit liquid transport media (such as cervical swab transport media ) DNA (cellular, bacterial, and viral nucleic acids)
QIAamp DNA Investigator Kit  wide range of forensic and human identity (dried blood, bone, and sexual assault samples, swabs,  filters, etc) DNA
QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit Whole blood (fresh or frozen; citrate or EDTA) (For IVD Use) genomic DNA 
EpiTect Bisulfite Kit  ADN convertido con bisulfito (Epigenetica) ADN